Legality of marketing sex dolls based on real-life adult actresses

Greetings Reddit, I’m a sex toy manufacturer based in Asia looking to expand into sex doll manufacturing. I would be interested in creating a series of dolls with similar appearance and characteristics to real life adult performers, but have questions about the legitimacy of my initiative to seek out the North American market. Does Canadian/US law allow this effort? Do I need legal permission before continuing? Do these laws only apply to adult American actresses and not foreign actresses? Does Canadian/US law have the ability to extend to my jurisdiction? Will the law affect me in any way because I’m not American or based in the US and myxpany is not a USxpany? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

3 thoughts on “Legality of marketing sex dolls based on real-life adult actresses

  1. dano___ says:

    The names and likenesses of the actors is their own, their lawyers would be all over you as soon as they got wind of this. You would have to licence the rights from each individual you wanted to use to do this legally. I’m not familiar with the details of the laws here, and hopefully someone can fill you in here, but this idea is a non-starter as far as I can see.

  2. LorienTheFirstOne says:

    Ok for starters the US and Canada are as separate as China and Japan lol

    Sex dolls are legal in Canada generally speaking

    Obviously you would need permission to use someone’s image/name

    Not sure what else you are asking.

  3. steve-res says:

    You should pay a law firm competent to give you advice in the markets you intend to bless with these products, and have a well-developed idea of what the product, marketing, and distribution strategy would be when you obtain that opinion.

    My inclination is to say you’d be opening yourself up to copyright infringement suits. The degree to which you should be *worried* about them, if they are brought, is far too complex for Reddit.

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