About RSLD

Sited in the United States, Real Sex Love Doll (RSLD) has registered a company in Hong Kong, China, and has based our factory in Guangdong, China. We endeavor to research, develop, and manufacture simulation soft elastomer models, a national patent product. Following National Health & Safety Standard, our production employs environment-friendly TPE material and unique manufacturing techniques, which not only equips our models with a human-like supple touch but also guarantees safety in use.

In the past 8 years, our products have been exported to more than 100 countries. Also, we have developed trading partners in many countries, and we are looking forward to expanding our partnerships and business to a larger scale.

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Our Vision and Values

Real Sex Love Doll (RSLD) puts heavy investments in research and development every year, aiming to constantly enhance our products’ quality, diversity, and functions. Therefore, RSLD boasts various products and outstanding product performance in today’s increasingly competitive market. 

Furthermore, our work is not just the production of dolls but the creation of beauty and the realization of your sweet dream. It is the pursuit of beauty and your satisfaction that drive us to make advancements with unceasing efforts. We see the great market potential as well as the ever-growing competition, and we have the confidence that our emphasis on both techniques and technologies will help us remain competitive and better meet your needs.