Real Sex Love Doll (RSLD) only sells high-quality sex dolls. Therefore, if a doll is kept in good condition, it can be used for 2-10 years. What is the best way to maintain an RSLD doll? Here are some tips for your reference.

1. Cleaning

All RSLD dolls can be washed with water and mild shower gel. Also, every customer can receive a vagina cleaner as a gift when buying a doll. Please remember to clean your doll after using it, which is not only to maintain your doll but also to protect yourself.    

2. Storing

(1) Avoid sunlight and extreme temperatures.

Sunlight might damage a doll’s skin color and facial features, and extreme cold and heat may distort the doll. Therefore, it is recommended to store your doll in a cool, dark place.

(2) Keep the doll in a proper posture.

Keeping the doll in improper positions for a long time may also distort the doll’s body. It is advised to put it in a sitting position or a supine position. 

(3) Dark-colored fabrics and tight clothing are not recommended.

Dark-colored fabrics may stain the doll’s skin, and tight clothing may cause permanent indentations on the doll. So loose, light-colored clothes are the best option. If you do like dark-colored clothes, please choose clothes of high quality and wash the clothes several times. If they don’t fade, you can try to dress the doll in dry clothes for a short time.

(4) Avoid being pressed by heavy or sharp objects.

If the doll is pressed heavy or sharp objects, it may cause damage to its body shape and skin. To suspend the doll in the air or put it on a smooth, soft surface will be a good choice. 

3. Skin Care

As we mentioned above, dark-colored and tight clothes might hurt the doll’s skin. If you like dark-colored clothes, please wash them before dressing and ensure that they do not fade anymore. 

4. Wig Care

RSLD adopts premium synthetic wigs on our dolls. It is convenient for cleaning, styling, and replacing. It is best to use a metal brush or comb to comb the hair bit by bit from hair tips to the root.