Legality of making sex dolls based on real-life adult actresses

Greetings Reddit, I’m a sex toy manufacturer based in Asia looking to expand into sex doll manufacturing. I would be interested in creating a series of dolls that resemble real life adult performers in appearance and characteristics, but have questions about the legality of the initiative. Does U.S. law allow such an effort? Do I need legal permission before continuing? Do these laws only apply to adult American actresses and not foreign actresses? Does U.S. law have the ability to extend to my jurisdiction? Because I’m not American or based in the US and myxpany is not a USxpany, will US laws affect me in any way? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Legality of making sex dolls based on real-life adult actresses

  1. gnopgnip says:

    You need to get permission from those actresses. The actresses have the exclusive right to commercially exploit their likeness.

    China is a member to the Berne convention(179 countries are), so yes US trademark and copyright law can apply internationally because of this treaty.

    It is also unlawful to commercially exploit an actresses likeness without permission in China.

  2. DismalAd5634 says:

    In the United States, each person owns their own likeness. That means that you would need to pay these women for permission to make these products.

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